Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lazy State Workers (Go Figure)

James Street overpass at Interstate 287, Morristown, New Jersey

In this season, it often seems as if everything is somehow being politicized. Nothing is innocuous. Even a road repair is suddenly freighted with all kinds of baggage pitting this group against that group. Everyone seems upset over what the "other side" is saying or doing. (Who exactly is the "other side?" Aren't we all in this together?) Sometimes, the message is muddled or the facts are trampled over.

Oddly enough, the graffiti author here must be blissfully unaware that the project is being done by a private contracting firm. While some state workers may indeed be guilty of laziness and other infractions involving the seven deadly sins, they are not responsible for the speed of this project. 

However, an issue worthy of debate here is why this same bridge, which was completely resurfaced less than two years ago, is now undergoing another major repair. Someone, somewhere was obviously not doing their job in vetting the expenditure on redoing this project. Sounds like a lazy executive in the highway department (not sure if this bridge is county or state property) was asleep at the wheel (or, is it possible that they forced the contract to absorb the cost of a re-do?).

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