Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I would have said during the debate ... Number Two

Many of us who support Mr. Obama in the upcoming election may have been disappointed in his performance last night. While I'm unqualified professionally to offer debating advice, I'll offer some anyway. Feel free to add your own to the comments section on this series of posts.

Some possible retorts for the president to use in the remaining debates:


Governor Romney, I am sorry if somehow I have misstated the amount of taxes that you plan to cut. I got my number, $5 trillion from what you've been saying since the primary debates and from the calculations of independent experts who were extrapolating from your position that you'd make an across the board tax cut of 20%. So, tell us, then, if my arithmetic and the math of these experts is off, what exactly is the figure? You say that you understand business and economics better than I do. It should be easy for you then to illuminate us on exactly how much you'd cut. Is it $4.9 trillion or $6 trillion or $2 trillion? You must have a pretty good estimate. Can you share that with us?

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