Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blackhawk Up: Vice President Biden Over Normandy Beach

Vice President Biden passed overhead with armada of Blackhawk helicopters -- there must have been at least 15-20 of them. This image was shot on 1st Avenue in Normandy Beach, New Jersey.

A few hours later, while stopped in traffic returning from the island to the mainland, we shunted aside by a rushing convoy of NJ State Trooper cruisers and SUVs. As the first car at the head of a lone line, one trooper approached us menacingly and shouted for me to roll down my window. He then told me not to move, as he headed down the line of cars. Within seconds I realized that the commotion was due to Mr. Biden's motorcade passing by in the next lane, probably on the way to McGuire AFB/Fort Dix where no doubt he headed on his way back to DC. I like Joe Biden and have now voted for him twice. That said, the cynic in me wondered how much of this was the PR value of the photo ops. I hope I'm wrong; very wrong.


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