Saturday, December 8, 2012

Under Her Watchful Eye

A favorite portrait of my wife. It hangs and has been hanging for years in the same room of our house. The good news that I've just relocated my office back to this room, so now she can keep an eye on me whether I'm at my day job or my photo hobby. The picture was taken 30 years ago in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, where, at the time, one could rent a room at a bed & breakfast a block from the beach for a mere $15.00 a night. Times have changed. Ocean Grove is one town north of Asbury Park (famous for ... well, if you don't know who made it famous, no sense in spoiling that now). It was hit fairly hard by Hurricane Sandy.

What I always especially have loved about the portrait is how the etching on the mirror glass formed a nice garland in her hair.

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