Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Times Building, circa 1928

Probably shot by my wife's late father, W. Frank Kraemer, who had an exterior building maintenance company beginning around that time. I believe they may have done work on this, the New York Times Building. You probably recognize the building today as being the white clad monstrosity that sits at Times Square and has wrapping around it the world famous news "zipper."

The Skyscraper Museum in NYC is having an exhibit celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Woolworth Building. The show opens on February 27, 2013. My wife's grandfather was the foreman for Atlantic Terra Cotta Co. which produced and installed the architectural ornamentation for which the building is famed. Later, her grandfather and her dad launched a firm that maintained the exterior of the building for the next 50 years. The exhibit has a few photos from her family collection of the Woolworth Building during construction and later.

Come see the show:

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