Friday, October 2, 2015

Thoughts on Reducing Gun Violence (Guns Don't Kill People; Gun People Kill People)

All illicit weapons started life somewhere as legal weapons. 


Somewhere there is always breakdown in controls in the supply chain when someone we ALL agree shouldn't have a gun somehow gets one. 

Sure, some number of guns used in commiting crimes are stolen; but most are not. 

Somewhere in the supply chain, some lawful, law abiding gun owner must often being allowing a legal gun (through sale or otherwise) to find its way into the hands of a nut job or criminal. 

Maybe the real way to fix this is impose rigorus strict liability on selllers at all levels. In other words, put the seller financially on the hook POTENTIALLY for any crime committed with a gun he or she sells. Require that the state meet a burden of proof of negligence, of course, but actually hit sellers with financial responsibility. I'll bet that would change attitudes and behaviors. Also, impose similar liability on sellers of ammo. And, why not require all purchasers of guns and applicants for gun licenses to prove they have some statutorily mandated minimum level of liability insurance.

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